My Commitment

My experience has led me to recognize there are two types of energy; love and fear. Quite simply, fear is an dis-integrative energy to our system, while love is integrating.  These rules are universal both to our world of form and the world of a more subtle reality. The truth is, love heals. Thus, it is my commitment,  to hold love present when anything less than love exists. In doing so, I commit to embody what I teach. I commit to take care of my own health and well being, and to treat my mind, body, emotional and  spirit self with love and respect. I will continue to strive for greater self-knowledge and spiritual growth to ensure that the purest possible healing energy, information and treatment is provided to each client served. I commit to respect your choices and to provide understanding, empathy, compassion and respect. I commit to honoring you as a unique individual with your own beliefs, feelings and experiences. I commit to honoring you as a person; your boundaries, physically, emotionally and spiritually will be respected at all times.


I feel that trust is paramount to a healthy therapeutic relationship. Therefore, I hold confidentiality of vital importance in our relationship. I agree that any information that is discussed with a client within the context of a session is confidential between the coach and client. This information cannot be released nor discussed with a third party, unless given permission by the client. If I feel like it is your best interest to discuss your case with another professional or with another party I will ask for your permission. There are a few exceptions to this rule which include the threat of harm to yourself or another person, if there is a crime involving a child, elderly, or disabled person.

In addition, working with families or minors can become a bit more complicated in regards to confidentiality. Therefore, I always make it a point to speak openly about all boundaries so an atmosphere of trust and safety is upheld.  For a more detailed explanation regarding my policies for service please take a look at my coaching contract. For further questions, please feel free to contact me.

For more information about the ethics and regulations I adhere to please visit the International Coaching Federation’s ethics and regulation page.