Forgiveness Worksheets

The forgiveness worksheets are based on the knowing that to really change our reality we have to do so at the level of belief. We have to go to the level of cause to change the effect. The root meaning of Forgiveness in Aramaic is “to cancel, untie, or let loose”. Therefore, forgiveness  is a tool for changing a reality in the mind by undoing the very beliefs keeping us stuck.

Please  use these forgiveness sheets as often as you can with any upset. I suggest use the one that works for you.  Feel free to share them with others.
Forgiveness Sheet Number 1 This worksheet was created by Dr. Michael Ryce and it is truly amazing. This is the original forgiveness worksheet in my opinion and Dr. Ryce is a true master teacher of Forgiveness. He is the author of the book ” Why is this happening to me…Again” which I highly recommend.

Forgiveness Sheet number 2 Colin Tipping wrote a book called “Radical Forgiveness” that explains the process of Forgiveness.  He also created his own versions of the forgiveness worksheet.

Forgiveness sheet number 3This forgiveness worksheet was created by me, for myself, and it is based entirely on what I have learned from other teachers, namely Keith Sudano, Dr. Michael Ryce, and Colin Tipping. This is my interpretation as it includes the body and physical healing.