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Intuitive Development Class & Circle

There is knowledge we carry within us that when activated can lead us to our purpose, passion and most inspired life. Intuition has many names, and it is a natural sense of all human beings. For many reasons, though, this sense can get blocked, shut down or underdeveloped. In this 4- week class, I will guide you through instruction, tools, insights, exercises and techniques to undo the blocks and turn up the volume on your own intuition, and your whole life.

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*The Basics of Integrated  Astrology Class

Astrology is the connection between the cosmos and us. An astrological chart maps out the energetic cycles in our lives gifting us with a clear understanding of ourselves and our experiences. An astrology chart can illuminate the deepest layers within, and it can be a powerful tool for self-realization, purpose and inspiration. Astrology can shed light on even the most subtle dimensions of our psychology revealing our whole selves; mind, body, spirit and soul.

Astrology is a learned language.  This class is a step-by-step progression which builds on itself similar to how we learn a language; first learning symbols called letters, then putting those letters together to form words, words to form sentences, sentences to create paragraphs and paragraphs to create meaning.  In this class, we cover the very basics of astrology:  signs;  planets;  houses and aspects, to find layers of insight and meaning within the whole astrological chart.

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