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I met Aleka about a year ago, when someone recommended me to go see her. I first saw her for past life regression, and then started to see her monthly. It is the highlight of my month. She has helped me to completely turn my life around and truly respect her opinions. I would and do recommend her to anyone that shows me a slight indication they are open to a more holistic and loving form of “counseling” (or whatever term you would like to use). Aleka is the best!~Savannah Charleston, SC
Aleka has helped me completely turn my life around. When I came to her I was sick and tired… of being sick and tired. Nothing in my life seemed to be going right. She truly helps you dig deep and work through whatever you may need to work though and helps you truly recognize your potential. I recommend her to everyone I know. Her compassion and kindness is unlike no other. Thank you for everything you’ve done!~Tabitha Charleston, SC
I have known Aleka for over a decade and I’ve even had the pleasure of sharing space with her. Aleka has always had the ability to deeply understand situations for their complete truth. She has a way of explaining that truth in order to give others a deeper understanding of it. Aleka holds such compassion and resonance for every single person she encounters and the level of integrity she carries in her work is outstanding. I take pride in the depth I seek within my personal work, but when I am stuck, I seek council from Aleka. She always has the ability to give me a wider scope of vision and continues to empower me to make the changes I desire in my life. She is nothing short of amazing. ūüėČ ~Jean Mackzo Charleston, SC

Working with Aleka has truly been one of my most cherished experiences with a coach ever!  Hands down.  Our journey together has taken me through revelations, the good, the bad, the ugly & the deep to affect real transformation & awareness.  She has an extraordinary clarity of both voice & vision and is always aware of what is happening in our work together so she can check back with me on the direction we are going. ~ Liz, Charleston SC

Working with Aleka has been a tremendous gift and your experience & wisdom as a coach have etched a meaningful impact upon my life.  I am so blessed to have been able to work with you on a truly deep, meaningful & transformational level. The experience has affected both my inner & outer way of being.  Within myself I find I am holding more awareness, compassion & openness for myself, others and in any given situation.  This is also paving a way for my outer way of being to be truly authentic.  Thank you for helping me unearth my own awareness, open my eyes to a new perspective, listen & speak up for my inner voice and so much more.~Rayme Pasieka, Canada

Thank you so much Aleka!¬† I am forever grateful¬†for the¬†phenomenal coaching sessions that I had with you!¬†¬†I was amazed and impressed by your¬†ability to guide me¬†exactly where I¬†needed to go while creating a space where I felt totally safe and supported.¬†¬†I¬†can’t say enough about how much I learned and¬†grew from the process.¬† Thank you, thank you, thank you!!~Erin, Phoenix, AZ

“I have been to so many therapists, counselors, healers – you name it. You helped me more in just two sessions than I have been helped in the years of other therapy. Your work is truly amazing. I am so grateful”~Erin, Charleston, SC

¬†During our time together, I found Aleka to be¬†supportive, insightful, challenging, patient and caring.¬† She created an environment that was safe and peaceful, allowing me to share freely my inner most thoughts all the while never feeling judged. She asked me those tough questions family and friends might be to¬†afraid to ask. I so appreciated that, it was those interactions where I learned the most about listening and trusting my inner voice.¬† It gave me the confidence to keep moving forward with my career plans.¬† Working with Aleka was my first experience working with a coach.¬† I couldn’t have asked for a more positive and transformative¬†experience.¬† Thank you, Aleka!¬† ~K. Croskey, Pennsylvania

“I am still smiling from our meeting…so much to think about and all good! I am very grateful and happy to have met you, you are one special lady! Thank you and I look forward to seeing you again.”~M, Charleston SC

“I have had the good fortune of having Aleka for my spiritual teacher and guide.¬† She is so amazing.¬† She is extremely present and insightful, able to get to the root of what I am trying to express before I can even find the words.¬† Using her intuition and her compassion in equal measures, she is always able to put me at ease yet empower me to open to whatever my life lessons might be.¬† She has a profound ability to meet me where I am... she can hold a space for base thoughts like petty frustrations and daily concerns, as well as walk deep spiritual paths as far as I can go, whether full of darkness or full of light… whether I am in a good space or a negative one… whether I am wanting to vent or I am needing solutions… Aleka always has an inner voice that shines through with inspiration.¬†¬† Never pushing, always gently encouraging and providing supportive suggestions, sessions with Aleka leave me encouraged and eager for more.¬† I always walk away from my time with her feeling empowered and looking forward to more.¬† Aleka is a treasure to me and truly the best counselor I know. “~ Anon, Charleston, SC

“Aleka‚Äô’s Food and Feelings program was an amazing experience. I had been looking for a program just like it for awhile now. It is a deeply profound and thorough examination of all that is involved with weight and body image issues‚ĶI HIGHLY recommend it. Aleka also has a great understanding of the human experience and is a skillful coach. I have worked with many therapist, healers and coaches over the years and she is in my top 2!”¬†¬† ~Tracy Liebmann, MAT, CCTA¬†¬† Personal Development Coach

“What a wonderful program, Aleka! You are one of the only people I’ve ever met who truly has the ability to help women move beyond the troubled relationships with food, weight, and body image. “~M.M

“Aleka’s classes and astrology readings are a deep, compassionate and insightful look into our deepest patterns.¬† She has helped me unlock modes of behavior that have motivated my actions for most of my life and has taught me how to operate from a new paradigm.¬† I tell people that the Food & Feelings class has little to do with food and everything to do with learning to trust my new-found instincts.¬† Since I have been with Aleka I have released almost 30 pounds and gained a new sense of confidence, self approval and a calmer more accepting way of living my life.¬† When I do feel overwhelmed Aleka makes herself available to help me sort out what is coming up.¬† Aleka’s Readings have proved to be an insightful tool that has gone hand-in-hand with the counseling work.¬† She is a Teacher’s Teacher who has clearly done her own work and is compassionately able to guide others down their Path.¬† I am so grateful for her!¬† Her class has moved me farther in the past seven months then I have moved in the past five years!” –Maureen Donohue,Charleston, SC

“After struggling with an eating disorder for about twenty years, it remains very difficult for me to put into words exactly what I’ve learned from Aleka and the enormity of it.¬† I tried for years to “figure it out” and to “fix the problem” of my eating disorder.¬† I turned to psychology and looked at the connections between perfectionism, abuse, control, etc…and eating disorders.¬† I researched and read.¬† I worked with several therapists/counselors.¬† I participated in a couple intensive outpatient programs.¬† But, I continued to struggle;¬† I couldn’t figure it out; I couldn’t put the pieces of the puzzle together.¬† I couldn’t solve my food problem.¬† I felt hopeless and helpless.
When I first began talking to Aleka and looking at the program she developed I recognized that there was something different about the program and about her.¬† I felt so excited (followed almost immediately by fear) because I thought ‘This actually might work.¬† Recovery might actually be possible.’
Therefore, the first thing Aleka helped me recover was hope.
The other crucial thing I’ve earned from Aleka (so far), and what I believe is the key to unraveling my eating disorder, is that I am never going to solve my food problem with my mind or intellect.¬† I am learning that something needs to change or shift, not only in my mind, but in my “soul,” on a spiritual level, and that this is where the work needs to be done.¬† While this is difficult as I have been disconnected from this part of my self, my spirit, my body, etc… for so long, Aleka teaches practical exercises to help re-ignite this connection.¬† Aleka is an amazing guide through the recovery process.¬† She insightful and intuitive.¬† She presents unconditional acceptance, patience, compassion and the kind of understanding that can only developed by someone who’s “walked in those shoes.”¬† It has been so beneficial and important to me that Aleka is willing to share her own experience with her eating disorder and her process of recovery. “
Thank you Aleka!!~ Jeannie

“I know *astrology* has some shallow, horoscope-ey connotations to it, but there is nothing shallow or *daily horoscope* in what Aleka does… her reading are a work of art. Somehow, she goes way beyond just the information that she can access in our personal karma and can give an entire picture of the types of energy, issues, karma, and challenges that we each bring into our lifetime… not only for ourselves but also how this interplays with our family members/significant others. I can’t really describe what she does… it’s just beyond amazing.
I have had her read my personal info, my children’s, and my husband’s, and it is absolutely astounding what she is able to understand and intuit from the bare minimum of information I give her at the beginning of each session. She is able to enter into your *life story* and breath a positive, valuable meaning into everything that has ever happened to you, both good and bad. It is lovely, life-affirming, positive, and uplifting work that she is doing.”¬†¬†¬†¬† ~Laura, Charleston SC

“What I loved about my reading with Aleka is her phenomenal use of metaphors to bring meaning to my chart.¬†¬† She is extremely well read and as a client, I benefited greatly from how descriptive she is in unfolding my chart and the stories to be found within.”
~N. Millis, Charleston SC

“Thank you so much for your in depth and concise reading!¬† It helped me gain clarity and a deeper understanding of the unfolding events in my life.”
~G. Ryan, Charleston SC