Intuitive Coaching & Healing

Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”
~Albert Einstein

Some Basic Principles of Intuition:

  • Intuition is not “special”. It is an innate and natural ability for each of us; yet the majority of us are not conditioned to access or trust it. As with all things, practice increases its presence in our lives.
  • Intuition is a sense just like our other senses, and its purpose is to give us information. While our physical senses are more about our physical or external world, our intuition is focused on our inner world.
  • Any block that keeps us attached to our past is a roadblock to intuition. Thus, it is important to decipher just where and how we are losing power in the present by locating and undoing these blocks.
  • Intuitive information is a uniquely personal process, and there are many ways to receive intuitive information.  Some examples are: visually, emphatically, cognitively, or audibly.

Some Basic Principles of Energetic Work:

  • From a holistic perspective, there is no separation between mind, body, emotion and spirit. Fortunately, modern science is beginning to reflect what ancient wisdom has always taught: our bodies, our experience of reality, our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and emotions are all energy. They are all created from subtle shifts in the same energetic field.
  • The perception, quality and organization of energy is determined by the observer.  Thus, in a very real we way, we are co-creators of our experience of reality. That is good news, because if we have responsibility, we also have the power to transform it.
  • Any symptom in our body or life has a divine message. Symptoms are like fire alarms warning us there is danger. Symptoms ask that we locate the fire (the cause), not just turn off the alarm (the symptoms).

What I do:

  • Perceive, at an energetic level, what is happening in your energetic body to help you better understand your physical body or reality.
  • Help you decipher and understand the subtle or intuitive messages you are getting through perceived physical symptoms or limiting life patterns .
  • Locate the blocks (anchors) keeping your energy trapped in the past and outside present time and assist in undoing them.
  • Give you the tools to undo those blocks (anchors), transform and claim your energy back into present time; thereby finding health, energy, inspiration and purpose.

Distance Intuitive Reading sessions are also possible & highly effective.

  • Sessions are available in person, via skype or telephone.
  • All sessions are 90 or 55 minutes.

  • Choices

    *Prices include unlimited phone, text and email contact (within reason) during the course of our coaching relationship.

    Want to know more about Aleka’s style of coaching? Check out her podcast, The Holistic Health Hour.

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    I have known Aleka for over a decade and I’ve even had the pleasure of sharing space with her. Aleka has always had the ability to deeply understand situations for their complete truth. She has a way of explaining that truth in order to give others a deeper understanding of it. Aleka holds such compassion and resonance for every single person she encounters and the level of integrity she carries in her work is outstanding. I take pride in the depth I seek within my personal work, but when I am stuck, I seek council from Aleka. She always has the ability to give me a wider scope of vision and continues to empower me to make the changes I desire in my life. She is nothing short of amazing. ;)” ~Jean Mackzo Charleston, SC

    “I have had the good fortune of having Aleka for my spiritual teacher and guide.  She is so amazing.  She is extremely present and insightful, able to get to the root of what I am trying to express before I can even find the words.  Using her intuition and her compassion in equal measures, she is always able to put me at ease yet empower me to open to whatever my life lessons might be.  She has a profound ability to meet me where I am... she can hold a space for base thoughts like petty frustrations and daily concerns, as well as walk deep spiritual paths as far as I can go, whether full of darkness or full of light… whether I am in a good space or a negative one… whether I am wanting to vent or I am needing solutions… Aleka always has an inner voice that shines through with inspiration.   Never pushing, always gently encouraging and providing supportive suggestions, sessions with Aleka leave me encouraged and eager for more.  I always walk away from my time with her feeling empowered and looking forward to more.  Aleka is a treasure to me and truly the best counselor I know. “~ Anon, Charleston, SC