What is Integrated Astrology?

I come from the assumption we humans all have some pretty basic questions as we play around in this earth school of ours; Why am I the way I am? What am I here to do? Good questions. We all come in with desires, gifts, wounds and histories. Before we take that first breath, they are there. We also come in with a purpose. That interplay, that space between history and purpose, is where growth happens and allows us to evolve. That space is the terrain of astrology.

A birth chart is like a road map. An energetic soul map, if you will. From this map we can see the whys. We can see the wounds, the gifts, the strengths and the weaknesses we bring into this life. We can see the evolutionary path from who you were, where you are now and where you are being called to go. The map is a gift to us to help navigate.  What you do with that map is up to you.

For me, astrology found me in the midst of my journey, and I have been hooked ever since. Here was another tool to see into the parts of our psyche that may not be clearly conscious. Here was a way to find the energy behind our thoughts, patterns and actions.  It is a process to cast light,  illuminate what is hidden, and thus, reveal our  deepest wounds, fears and desires. The birth chart is a map created in the heavens that reflects the journey below.

I am a counseling astrologer. I assist,with helping you to understand your soul’s map (astrology chart), the energy manifesting in your life and body, and in that sense, help you better understand yourself.  Through this awareness, through this shedding light on perhaps the shadowy places of your psyche, great healing can happen.  With that knowing, the path ahead is clear and your purpose becomes the destination.

I am honored to assist you on that journey.

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