Supervision & Support Group for Therapeutic Practitioners

I am a professional life coach in Charleston SC with a thriving practice. What that means is I am a holder of stories. Clients come to me with their whole selves. They bring their stories of joy, dreamstime_s_13143728shame, trauma, heartbreak, and redemption. I willingly hold a safe space for them to be wherever they are, process their feelings freely and express themselves without editing. If you are a helping professional you are also a holder of stories. If you are in the therapeutic or caregiving field you are very likely a courageous, empathic and service driven soul. You have selected a path (or maybe it selected you) with tremendous gifts and some significant challenges.

What happens though when the story holder is overloaded and the stories begin to take on weight and heaviness?

What happens when the story holder cannot hold any more stories?

We can experience overload, burnout, fatigue, disillusionment, resentment, and lack of inspiration. You may have heard it called vicarious trauma, secondary trauma or even compassion fatigue. Whatever name we give it, what is important to know is it is very real.

That is what this space is all about. Wherever you are professionally, just beginning to build a practice or a seasoned professional, this is a safe, secure, and private group offering supervision, support, feedback and encouragement to helping professionals that want to expand their personal and professional practice.

Therapeutic practitioner support and supervision group:

  • Business building and maintaining
  • Safe space to ask real questions and process feelings
  • Cover a variety of topics related to service and healing others
  • Find encouragement and support
  • Have accountability
  • Access to a private Facebook group to offer support, processing, feedback and participation throughout the week


Safe and confidential group of helping professionals that meet together to support one another, learn and grow their professional business and personal practices


All groups are held in my West Ashley office located in Avondale Therapy.( Go to locations for directions) and online.

For who:

Professional coaches, counselors, massage therapists, healers, physicians, nurses, chiropractors- basically anyone that “holds” space for others with the intention of serving. Whether you are new to the field or a seasoned veteran, we all need space to process.


$65 per group

To Join:

You must contact Aleka to apply for the group. There is limited space available. Upon approval, you will be added to the private Facebook group where dates and details are announced.