Integrated Astrology

As Above So Below, 

as Without So Within,  

as the Universe So our Soul.

Integrated Astrology:

  • Can help you better understand yourself by highlighting the skills and abilities you have been gifted as well as reveal specific limiting beliefs and energetic anchors keeping you stuck.
  • Can help you recognize and better express the energy of your authentic soul contract, karma and purpose.
  • Can assist you in making sense of the cycles of your life and reveal how to best negotiate through times of transition and change.
  • Can determine the energy at play in relationships, relocation option and the year ahead, and it can illuminate how to best work with that energy.

With this increased awareness and self knowledge, personal growth potential and healing is heightened allowing you to confidently turn your challenges into possibilities.

For more information about this kind of astrology, go here or listen to a podcast on the topic.

Want to know more about soul-centered Integrated Astrology? Check out Aleka’s podcast the Holistic Health Hour where you will find many shows on the topic.

Explore yourself with your personal astrological reading. There are many to choose from.

Astrology Readings

“I recently had a reading with Aleka and found it very well thought out and insightful. She has a unique gift for bringing astrology and psychology together and is very sharp and well trained as far as I can tell.
I will have another session with her in the near future and I recommend her to anyone wanting to understand themselves better.”~Tom B
“I had the pleasure of receiving one of the most informative, insightful and self- healing readings I have ever experienced with Aleka. I highly recommend her to anyone with absolute faith and trust.“~Christina



The astrological information and readings provided by Aleka Thorvalson, CPC, PCC are purely for your personal insight and understanding purposes only. Any insights, analyses, predictions or guidance is not a substitute for advice or treatment that you would normally receive from a licensed professional such as a therapist, lawyer, doctor, psychiatrist, or other counseling professional. Aleka Thorvalson, CPC, PCC does not offer, provide or imply any guarantees, warranties or assurances of any kind and they are not responsible for any interpretation, use or actions by the recipient based upon the information given. By purchasing a reading you acknowledge and agree that you understand this disclaimer and agree to all of its terms.

I do not do medical, death or lottery astrology.

Furthermore, there will be no liability directly or indirectly for any loss or damage that may be suffered by anyone due to the opinion, astrological reading or information furnished in good faith. Astrology is only a subject of calculation of stars given in the sky to help boost your moral and to mitigate your tension at the time of challenge in the form of an astrological suggestion and opinion.