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Self – Love is such a buzz word in the self help world, but how do we actually DO it? In this video we go deep into the REAL nuts and bolts to loving yourself.

“What’s my purpose?” It’s a question I get asked ALL the time. It is an important question to contemplate on a path of living an inspired life. In this video we define just what purpose is and how to connect with yours.

Dueling opinions are not necessarily a negative thing, for contrast is at the core of growth, expansion and evolution. When opinions fall into judgement however, there is a more sinister expression, which leads to separation, estrangement and dismantling.

One of the most important tools to have in your relationship tool box is the ability to STOP talking. In this video we discuss why it is so important and just HOW to do it with a few simple (not always easy) steps.

Aleka had the pleasure of being interviewed by the International Coach Academy- A Day In the Life of Coach

Interview with Best Kept Self on the topic of Money.

Great discussion regarding thriving in your relationships as a business owner
See the You Tube Video Here
Money is a BIG juicy topic for the self-employed community and as Aleka mentions in our last live blab discussion, money has the ability to bring out all the *stuff* in our lives when we start doing work around it – vulnerability, fear, insecurity, etc.

Best Kept Self Blog:

Huffpost Women: 10 Woman Prove Why Putting Yourself First is Good for Business

Aleka had the pleasure of being on the Matt Townsend Show, BYU Radio where we discussed the gift of feelings. Scroll down the page and you can hear my segment of the show.

Aleka was  featured guest on Stephanie Keenan’s podcast, “Stop Chasing Skinny” speaking on the topic of food, feelings and finding freedom. Take a listen