Relationship Coaching

Relationships are some of the most insightful, meaningful, heart felt and amazing experiences we willdreamstime_xl_42820695 ever have in life. They are equally some of the most confusing, challenging and painful experiences we will ever navigate. If you find relationships complex, troublesome and challenging, you are not alone. The current divorce rate might make you question the concept of relationships in general.
I am here to show you, you CAN learn to have connected, meaningful and purposeful relationships.
Relationship coaching is a life-coaching specialization that helps people find success and fulfillment in their personal relationships. Relationship coaching defines the true meaning of intimacy- “into me I see”- to assist you in a deeper understanding of yourself, your partner and your life.
Whether you are in a troubled relationship and need guidance, in a new relationship and want to set a solid foundation or are single and would like more insight into past relationship patterns, relationship coaching can help.
Relationship coaches, just like life coaches, specialize in assisting high-functioning clients find optimum performance.
Let me assist you to locate the essence of what you want from connection and guide you through challenging issues by creating a safe space to look deeper into yourself and your partner.
Some common topics of discussion include:
• More effective communication
• Conscious conflict
• Physical intimacy
• Locating and healing dysfunctional connection patterns
• Boredom
• Emotional intelligence and vulnerability

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 The Details:


 *Prices include unlimited phone, text, and email contact (within reason) during the course of our coaching relationship.

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