Intuitive Development Class

There is knowledge we carry within us that when activated can lead us to our purpose, passion and most greifinspired life. Intuition has many names, and it is a natural sense of all human beings. For many reasons, though, this sense can get blocked, shut down or underdeveloped. In this class, I will guide you through instruction, tools, insights, exercises and techniques to undo the blocks and turn up the volume on your own intuition, and your whole life.

In this 4-week class you will learn:
• How to define intuition and understand the gifts it offers
• How to access your unique intuitive sense i.e empathic ability, mediumship skills, medical intuition, intuitive healing, psychic ability and other modalities.
• How to tell the difference between ego and intuition
• How to locate and undo the common blocks to connecting to your intuition
• How to sense, use and decipher energetic patterns and guides
• How to develop and trust this force to guide you in your life and to help others
….and so much more

NEW Dates: TBA

I am also available for private training to develop your unique abilities. Feel free to contact me for details.

**Please note that space is very limited to create plenty of time for practice and personal instruction. So, contact me to register now!