Choosing a Life Coach

When looking for a Life Coach, there are a few very important points to consider:

1)  Certification:   Not all life coaches are certified by an accredited professional school. Coaching is a self-regulated profession, which means anyone can call themselves a coach, regardless of training. Certification is very important because life coaching is a profession that requires very specific skills, ethical standard and a foundation of training, which is only taught in qualified schools. When looking for a coach, make sure to inquire about specific coach training and certification.

Aleka Thorvalson has advanced training and certification from one of the most highly acclaimed coach training institutions in the United States, the International Coaching Academy. This certification requires rigorous training and supervised practice. The ICA is fully accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), which is the organization that sets and monitors the international standards for professional coaching ethics, training and practices.

Additionally, Aleka has earned the prestigious Professional Certified Coaching (PCC) credentials from the ICF.  This means she has demonstrated advanced coaching skills, experience, theory, and practice, documenting more than750 hours of coaching.

2)  References:   A competent coach will have satisfied clients who have made significant changes in their lives. Therefore, they should be willing to share quality references with potential clients.

References for Aleka’s work are available upon request. Also, there are many detailed testimonials on her website.

3)  A Good Match:   An effective coach for one person may not be a good match for another. It is important to speak directly with your potential coach and ask questions about the process. Trust is vital to the transformative coaching process; thus, you want to make sure you feel comfortable with your coach.

Aleka welcomes any questions or concerns about the coaching process and her coaching philosophy. She is willing to spend time speaking with you on the phone, email or via text.

As a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Aleka Thorvalson trained through the International Coach Academy in the Advanced Coach Training Program. She is also a member and a Professionally Credentialed Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF).