Holistic Life Coaching

 The term “Holistic” emphasizes the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts. From a holistic perspective then, our lives reflect more than mere physicality.  As a Holistic Life Coach, I emphasize this broader view when assisting clients to work through life challenges.

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image13259548Holistic theory understands there are many layers of meaning and causation beneath every life challenge. Thus, every challenge and life issue has immense wisdom and learning for us. Within every physical symptom: worry, stress, disappointment and frustration, there is a deeper cause; a system within a system.  When we find and undo the cause at its origin, we have the ability to create lasting change.

From this perspective, every symptom, every challenge, can become a doorway to transformation: whether you are struggling with an imbalance with your weight,  your relationships, your career, your purpose or your health; know there is a way out. If you seek purpose, inspiration, clarity, better health and peace… the way out is by going within.

Coaching is about moving from surviving to thriving. You are the key to your own healing. It is my responsibility to ask you the right questions to help you connect to that place within that gives you the capacity to embrace real and lasting change, connection and purpose. It is my intention to guide you on this path of change by assisting  you to claim real-life tools, understanding and strategies  based in holistic wisdom.

I see our very desire for change not as evidence something is missing, but as evidence something is present. For, if we desire transformation, it our deepest wisdom reminding us  we have the ability to find wholeness.

If this type of change works for you and you are committed to the work to making it happen, contact me to fill out an application.

 The Details:

    • Sessions are available in person, via skype, or telephone.
    • Sessions are 55 or 90 minutes.


*Prices include unlimited phone, text, and email contact (within reason) during the course of our coaching relationship.

Want to know more about Aleka’s style of coaching? Check out her podcast, The Holistic Health Hour.


Other Resources:

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Aleka has provided me with the tools and knowledge to confront and untangle habitual psychological patterns, which in turn have set me free in a lot of ways. She is one of the most talented gifted people I know. I did not expect to have such success with a counselor until I met her.”~Charlotte

“Aleka has helped me completely turn my life around. When I came to her I was sick and tired… of being sick and tired. Nothing in my life seemed to be going right. She truly helps you dig deep and work through whatever you may need to work though and helps you truly recognize your potential. I recommend her to everyone I know. Her compassion and kindness is unlike no other. Thank you for everything you’ve done!”~Tabitha
“Have you ever walked out of a therapy session and found yourself wondering when you’re actually going to get to the “real work”? Aloha healing is the antidote to those experiences and Aleka is a breath of fresh air compared to other forms of therapy/coaching. Her sessions are content rich, effective, and on purpose. She is thoughtful, poignant and delivers actionable tools to effectively manage and navigate your life. I could not recommend her more.”~Susan

“I have been to so many therapists, counselors, healers – you name it. You helped me more in just two sessions than I have been helped in the years of other therapy. Your work is truly amazing. I am so grateful”~Erin, Charleston, SC

“There are no words to describe what Aleka does and how she does it. She is brilliant, intuitive and always knows exactly what to say- she is amazing & her skill set is vast. She is one of the most insightful and talented people on the planet and I could not recommend her more for anyone going trough anything (Seriously, she can help you through absolutely anything). I have never met someone with such a gift.”~Jessie