Food Psychology Coaching you long to find balance with your weight or body?

Do you want to feel vital and alive?

Do you yearn to make peace with food once and for all?

If you are confused about just how to find balance with your body and real vitality, you are not alone. There really is a missing piece to finding a real solution in the diet, weight, body image and health equation. The standard nutritional thinking of calories in/calories out looks at our bodies as physical machines that must be managed, controlled and supervised into change. This perspective clearly isn’t working. If you want proof, take a look at current obesity and diet trends.

This paradigm doesn’t work because we are so much more than our physical body. We are so much more than mere anatomy, biology or physiology. From a holistic perspective, we weave together the mind, body and soul in such a way that each has the ability to influence the other. This means that what we eat is only half of the diet, weight, body image and health equation. It means who we are when we are eating and how we eat is just as important.

The thing about food, body or weight issues is they actually have very little to do at all with food Which means we cannot solve an issue with food by solely controlling, manipulating or altering what is eaten. It may seem to “work” for a while, but unless we get to the root of the problem, it is like putting out a fire by turning off the fire alarm.  Diets do not work because they do not address the issue of “why”.  Why do we eat the way we do in the first place? Why do we gain the weight back or fall back into destructive cycles?  You cannot solve a food problem with food because food is really not the whole problem. To really clear the food issue from our lives, we have to look at the deeper causes: the insecurities; the fear; the shame; the comfort and the alleviation of boredom. We must unearth all the emptiness food fills for us other than true hunger. We must find what we are really starving for.

If you are ready to get of the diet roller coaster once and for all, find balance with your weight and find real freedom in your relationship with food and your body, contact me to schedule a session.

 The Details:

      • Sessions are available in person, via skype, or telephone.
      • Sessions are 90 or 55 minutes


*Prices include unlimited phone, text, and email contact (within reason) during the course of our coaching relationship.

Want to know more about finding balance with your body, food and weight?

Check out Aleka’s podcast The Holistic Health Hour  Food Feelings and Finding Freedom series. 

Aleka was  featured guest on Stephanie Keenan’s podcast, “Stop Chasing Skinny” speaking on the topic of food, feelings and finding freedom. Take a listen


“Aleka’’s Food and Feelings program was an amazing experience. I had been looking for a program just like it for awhile now. It is a deeply profound and thorough examination of all that is involved with weight and body image issues…I HIGHLY recommend it. Aleka also has a great understanding of the human experience and is a skillful coach. I have worked with many therapist, healers and coaches over the years and she is in my top 2!”   ~Tracy Liebmann, MAT, CCTA   Personal Development Coach

“After struggling with an eating disorder for about twenty years, it remains very difficult for me to put into words exactly what I’ve learned from Aleka and the enormity of it.  I tried for years to “figure it out” and to “fix the problem” of my eating disorder.  I turned to psychology and looked at the connections between perfectionism, abuse, control, etc…and eating disorders.  I researched and read.  I worked with several therapists/counselors.  I participated in a couple intensive outpatient programs.  But, I continued to struggle;  I couldn’t figure it out; I couldn’t put the pieces of the puzzle together.  I couldn’t solve my food problem.  I felt hopeless and helpless.When I first began talking to Aleka and looking at the program she developed I recognized that there was something different about the program and about her.  I felt so excited (followed almost immediately by fear) because I thought ‘This actually might work.  Recovery might actually be possible.’Therefore, the first thing Aleka helped me recover was hope.The other crucial thing I’ve earned from Aleka (so far), and what I believe is the key to unraveling my eating disorder, is that I am never going to solve my food problem with my mind or intellect.  I am learning that something needs to change or shift, not only in my mind, but in my “soul,” on a spiritual level, and that this is where the work needs to be done.  While this is difficult as I have been disconnected from this part of my self, my spirit, my body, etc… for so long, Aleka teaches practical exercises to help re-ignite this connection.  Aleka is an amazing guide through the recovery process.  She insightful and intuitive.  She presents unconditional acceptance, patience, compassion and the kind of understanding that can only developed by someone who’s “walked in those shoes.”  It has been so beneficial and important to me that Aleka is willing to share her own experience with her eating disorder and her process of recovery. “
Thank you Aleka!!~ Jeannie